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I’ve moved the Wishful Thinking RSS feed from Feedburner to Feedblitz, for a more reliable and better supported service.

So if you’re subscribed via RSS and you want to keep receiving creative business inspiration and advice from Wishful Thinking, you need to subscribe to the new feed.

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You’re probably aware that Google is terminating Reader on 1st July.

So if you, like me, are a long-time user of Google Reader, it’s time to say goodbye to a small part of your daily routine, and embrace the future by subscribing to Wishful Thinking either via email, or via RSS in a new reader.

Feedly seems to be the most popular alternative – here are their tips for Google Reader users migrating to Feedly.

For other options, check out 12 Google Reader Alternatives and Top 5 Google Reader Alternatives that Work with Buffer.

However you subscribe…

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  1. As i did not get any e-mails for a while, will subscribe again, thanks Mark!