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Use Evocative Images

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We all know that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. Powerful images will amplify the emotional impact of your presentation and make it more memorable.

Typically you should use one image per slide and make sure it fills the slide — leaving white space around the image lessens its impact:

Picture of horseriders in centre of slide with white border around the image.

Photo by mikebaird

Notice how much better it looks when the image ‘bleeds’ off the edge of the slide:

Same image of horseriders, but filling the entire slide.

Photo by mikebaird

Two Sources of Great Images

iStockphoto.com is a website where you can license high-quality images for a few dollars/pounds each. I use iStockphoto a lot — it offers a wide range of clean and clear images of just about anything you can imagine.

My only criticism of iStockphoto is that the images can be a bit corporate and antiseptic — if you want something a little edgier (and free) then read Skellie’s fantastic tutorial on using Creative Commons images from Flickr: A Complete Guide to Finding and Using Incredible Flickr Images.

Once you’ve got the hang of using Flickr images, I recommend Compfight, an excellent way to search for Creative Commons-licensed images.

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