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Images Help YOU Remember as Well as the Audience

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Close up of elephant's eye.

Photo by Capitan Giona>

Images that evoke emotions will make your presentation more vivid and memorable for your audience. They will also help you remember the presentation – and not just the facts, but the emotions connected with them.

I remember being a little nervous when I first got rid of bullet points from my presentations. I worried that I’d forget what I had to say. But when each image flashes up on the screen the information pops into my head accompanied by a jolt of emotion, which launches me into the next topic.


Dreaming Up Images

1. When you review the material for each segment of your presentation, notice what images naturally pop into your mind.

Don’t try to be too clever or original – often the most ‘obvious’ images are the most effective, because the audience can easily relate to them. E.g. in the previous section the image of an elephant popped into my mind when I thought of remembering things. My first thought was ‘that’s too corny’ – but it usually gets a laugh, so it seems to work.

2. Search for the images you want on www.compfight.com (remembering to select the ‘commercial use’ option next to the search box) and www.istockphoto.com.

3. If you can create images yourself, go for it! Your own original images will put a unique stamp on your presentations.

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