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Forget Confidence — Go for Enthusiasm

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Just about every client who comes to me for coaching on presentation skills tells me they want to be more confident in front of an audience. I tell them to forget about confidence and concentrate on tapping into their enthusiasm for the subject.

You can be very confident without being a very good presenter. Would you want to attend a presentation by this guy?

Darth Vader looking fierce.

Photo by Official Star Wars Blog

Enthusiasm is much more engaging and interesting. I’d love to hear what this guy has to say:

Darth Vader making a funny gesture, flapping his hands by his ears.

Photo by ME

For more on this subject, see my article 5 Reasons Why Enthusiasm Is Better Than Confidence.


Tapping into Enthusiasm

When preparing to go on stage, ask yourself:

Why do you care about this?
How do you feel about it?
What’s the most shocking part?
Which part makes you smile?

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