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You Are Already a Good Storyteller

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Group of friends talking animatedly in the pub.

Photo by Invisible Hour

Storytelling is not rocket science. You probably do it all the time without noticing it.

Remember the last time you were down the pub with your mates or at a dinner party, when somebody started telling a story that reminded you of something that had happened to you recently — you couldn’t wake for the other story to finish, so that you could start telling yours, right? And when you told it, you were so full of how funny/scary/shocking/exciting it was, the words came tripping off your tongue. And when your friends laughed/winced/ sucked in their breath in the right places, you knew the story had hit home.

If you can do it with your friends, you can do it with an audience. Start to notice what it’s like when you get that itch to tell a story — that’s the feeling you want to recapture before you get up on stage.


A time you changed your mind

Tell a friend the story about a time you change your mind about something.

What did you think beforehand?
What made you change your mind?
What have you done differently ever since?

When you’re telling the story, notice how it makes you feel — and notice your friend’s emotional response.

Afterwards, ask your friends what were the best bits of the story. Make sure you include them when you tell the story to an audience!

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