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Chris Ritke Interviews Me at 49Sparks.com

Chris Ritke of 49Sparks has just posted an interview with me we recorded last week. We talked about Wishful Thinking, coaching, people and creativity – including the use of online tools to facilitate co-creation.

49Sparks Logo

Chris is developing some very interesting tools for project collaboration at 49Sparks – you can sign up for free to check them out – and has a great series of audio and video podcasts. I originally noticed Chris’s site when he posted an interview with Neil Tortorella of Business of Design Online (where I’m a guest author).

As well as project tools 49Sparks offers social networking for creative professionals – Chris explains it better than I can, have a look at this video to see what it’s all about.


  1. Great to hear the voice behind the blog!

  2. Thanks Ashley, if you really like the sound of my voice, there’s plenty more of it on the podcast interviews page. (Thankfully interlarded with the voices of some extremely interesting people.)