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Recommended Business Coaching Books

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The Business Coaching series is now available to download as a free ebook Creative Management for Creative Teams.

To round off my Introduction to Business Coaching series I’ve added a page to the sidebar on Recommended Business Coaching Books. These are the books I regularly recommend to managers looking to develop their coaching skills. Although I’ve not yet discovered a book on coaching creative teams, I’ve chosen the books that I think are most relevant to managers and directors in creative businesses.

Next week I’ll make the whole series available as a free e-book. Till then, enjoy browsing through the books.


  1. Colin Ramsay says:

    Wow what a comprehensive piece on coaching! You really do the topic justice, whilst being clear and distinct. Working in a large media company business coaching is what we do (well most of us) but maybe don’t have a name for it. Having read a lot of books and articles on coaching yours is the best so far. Thank you Mark, I will be pinging your site round as a little ‘light reading’.