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Artists and Creatives Succeeding Online

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Hugh MacLeod – Cartoonist


Gapingvoid Gallery

My interview with Hugh

Hugh’s ‘Crazy Deranged Fools’ Newsletter – a model for how to create a great newsletter. Exclusive cartoons and articles as well as pre-order offers for his prints.

Thomas Mahon – Savile Row Tailor

English Cut – Thomas’s blog about tailoring and Savile Row

Evil Plans and English Cut – article by Hugh MacLeod about the marketing strategy behind the English Cut blog.

John T. Unger – Artist


My interview with John

Natasha Wescoat – Artist

Natasha Wescoat.com

My interview with Natasha

Hazel Dooney – Artist


Hugh MacLeod interviews Hazel Dooney

Nela Dunato – Artist

In Obscuro

Thomas Clifford – Corporate Video Director


Ben Terrett – Graphic Designer

Noisy Decent Graphics

David Airey – Graphic Designer


My interview with David

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