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‘Perceptions of Coaching in the UK Creative Industries’


I researched ‘Perceptions of Coaching in the UK Creative Industries’ as part of my MA in Creative and Media Enterprises at the University of Warwick.

My research interviews are available as audio podcasts in the blog entries listed below. I will publish the finished research paper on this site later in 2009.

Research Blog Entries

1. Introduction to the Research Project

2. Definition: ‘Coaching’

3. Definition: ‘Creative Industries’

4. Questionnaire for Managers

5. Questionnaire for Employees

6. Online Questions for UK Creative Industry Staff

7. Interview with Mick Rigby, Managing Director, Monkey Communications

8. Research Project Featured on ‘Better Business Blogging’

9. Interview with Ruth Kenley-Letts, Film Producer

10. Interview with Chris Arnold, Executive Creative Director, BLAC

11. Interview with Russell Davies, Advertising Planning Maestro

12. Interview with Chris Hirst, Managing Director, Grey London

13. Interview with David Roberts, Senior Project Manager, Creative Launchpad

14. Interview with Neil Youngson, Technical Director, Cabinet UK Ltd.

15. Interview with Greg Orme, Chief Executive, Centre for Creative Business

16. Interview with Chris Grant, Consultant, 14A Conversations

17. Interview with Antonio Gould, Consultant, and Sara Harris, Screen Media Lab

18. Interview with Richard Scott, Director Surface Architects

19. Interview with Ben Demiri, Brand Manager, SIX Showroom

20. Interview with Sian Prime, NESTA Creative Pioneer Programme

21. Interview with Jill Fear, CPD Manager, the Institute for Practitioners in Advertising

22. Interview with Terry Childs, Creative Director, Silver Chair

23. Interview with Matt Taylor, Director, Fat Beehive

24. Interview with Mark Earls, Advertising Contrarian

25. Interview with David Amor, Creative Director, Relentless Software

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